“Start Strong to Win For Kidney Patients”
The Kick Off Meeting of SanReno was successfully held in Shanghai


01 Conference Overview

“Start Strong to Win for Kidney Patients” The SanReno Kick Off Meeting was successfully held on July 29 at the headquarter, Nan Fung Building, Shanghai. This is the first town hall meeting since it established in 2022. And a lot of distinguished guests participated the conference to witness the growth of SanReno. Through the chapter of "Start Strong", the company's Board Director and CEO, Mr. James Huang, emphasized the importance of the company's mission, vision and culture; the three board directors of SanReno together unveiled the company's new trademark Logo as the start of the new journey. Through the chapter of "Win for Kidney Patients", the leadership team led all the staff to demonstrate strong confidence and co-created SanReno future success. The kick-off meeting was successfully ended. 

For a wonderful review of the conference, please click the video below: 

02 Start Strong

Message from the CEO:

Mr. James Huang, the Board Director and CEO of SanReno, delivered his opening speech. James explained the company's mission, vision, five-year plan, and summarized the company's' achievement since its operation. He said “Over the past six months since the official establishment of SanReno, the team formation, pipeline research & development and related businesses have been carried out smoothly, especially the hit product, Atrasentan for the treatment of IgA became the top 6 contributor of global enrollment in July after breaking through the first patient in June.

The new brand Logo was unveiled:

The company invited the Board Director of SanReno/Partner of Pivotal Mrs. Dianna Qian, the Independent Director of SanReno/ Founder/ Chairman and CEO of Antengene, Dr. Jay Mei, and the Board Director/CEO of SanReno Mr. James Huang, to light up the new Logo to open the new "kidney" chapter of SanReno together. The new logo implies our original intention that innovating kidney therapies for patient's better life. 

At the same time, we would express our thanks to the partner of Sidley Law Firm Mr. Ruchun Ji, Founder/CEO of Arctic Vision Mr. Eddy Wu, and Founder/CEO of NeuroFront Mrs. June Yan, for their best wishes to SanReno.


03 Win for Kidney Patients

The strength of SanReno the excellent leader team

Leadership Demonstration: CBO Robin Zhang, VP of Finance Annie Wu, VP of Human Resources Chris Meng, VP of Clinical Development Ivy Wang, VP of Clinical Operations Yong Wu, and Executive Director of New Product Strategy Susan Sun empower the company's cultural genes“The Strength of SanReno P 3, The Excellent Leadership of A 5”, expressing the confidence and power of SanReno leadership team to create the value for success. 

Cultural Co-creation

Through the cultural workshop, all SanReno employees discussed the three cultural values of "people-oriented workplace, Patient-Centric Innovation, Passion-Driven Commitment ", to create a bright future of "kidney" together.


At the end of the kick-off meeting, all employees reached a commitment to work together with SanReno through a Handprint Ceremony, which brought the meeting to a successful ending.