Good news! SanReno officially joins the China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association


Recently, the China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (hereinafter referred to “PhIRDA”) voted to approve the application for membership of SanReno Therapeutics (hereinafter referred to as "SanReno") at the 11th plenary meeting of the Council, and SanReno officially became a member of PhIRDA!

Founded in 1988, PhIRDA adheres to the tenet of "innovation, industrialization, and internationalization", is guided by clinical needs, and has long been committed to closely integrating "academia-industry-investment collaboration" to promote the innovative development of the pharmaceutical industry. Currently, there are 188 registered members, mainly consists of pharmaceutical R&D enterprises, research institutions, clinical institutions, R&D Services companies and investment institutions focusing on pharmaceutical innovation in China and abroad. At the same time, PhIRDA has established more than ten professional committees, including Drug R&D, Clinical Trial Research, Medicinal Policy, Pharmaceutical Innovation Investment, and Innovation R&D Services etc.

It has formed a full chain organizational structure covering the whole industrial chain, including drug R&D, manufacturing, using, investment and capital market. It has established an international exchange platform for members and has become a bridge and link between the government and enterprises members.

James Huang, CEO of SanReno

"In the spring of March, when everything is recovering, SanReno is very lucky to officially become a member of PhIRDA, which is another important moment in the development of SanReno. As a biotechnology company focusing on the clinical stage of kidney disease and related therapeutic area, SanReno has always hoped to conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation with Industry peers, regulatory authority, clinical research institutions, academic groups, and industry experts to jointly build a pharmaceutical innovation ecology. "Joining PhIRDA will help SanReno work closely with parties such as" academia, industry, and investment "to promote the improvement of the R&D system in the field of kidney disease and therapeutic area, effectively promote projects under clinical development, achieve the commercialization of innovative achievements as soon as possible, move towards a broader international arena, and provide the most valuable disease solutions for the majority of patients."